Monday, June 13, 2016

Learn About | Summer Book Club

In the summertime my mom reads us chapter books at night and we get to stay up later.  We call it Summer Book Club.  This will be the third summer we have done Summer Book Club.  We get something fun to do at the end of all the books.

I'm excited to start Summer Book Club again.  We don't do chapter books during the school year because I'm not allowed to stay up late and I have to do book worm reading first and practice sight words so there is not enough time. I also think my mom is more tired to stay up to read long books.  This summer I will read part of the chapters to everyone and not just my mom because I learned to read in Kindergarten.

These are pictures of my favorite book clubs we have done before during other summers.

// Mouse & the Motorcycle + the movie + Ralph-the-Mouse's fav snacks \\
We got to eat snacks in our laundry basket motorcycles.
Ralph the Mouse loved peanut butter sandwiches and bacon delivered to his mouse hole in Room 215

// The Chocolate Touch + a trip to The Melting Pot for CHOCOLATE! \\

// Mr. Popper's Penguins + visiting penguins at the zoo //
{our first Book Club July 2014}

We are starting to read The BFG by Roald Dahl.  We started it at the end of last summer but had to stop because school started.  It was my mom's favorite book when she was in elementary school.  I'm excited that they are making a movie about the book so maybe we will get to go see it when we finish the book.

I want to invite any other kids that want to do Summer Book Club to do it with us.  We can read the same book and then do something fun like seeing the movie or have snacks together at a park or something.

-Max Murray
a note from mom:

Anyone who wants to join our Summer Book Club email or message me...Max is serious about wanting friends to join :)  I plan on throwing a couple small parties or outings together once the books are finished.  We're going to try to finish The BFG by July 1st.  **IF you do read this to your kids, though, know that you might want to censor some parts and a few questionable words.  It just depends on how old your kids are and what you're comfortable with.**

Also on our reading list this summer (more of my childhood favorites):
  • The Boxcar Children
  • Sideways Stories from Wayside School
  • The Indian in the Cupboard

Forcing my children down my own memory lane one book at a time ;)


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  1. Sara, this is a great thing you have going! we do this too! we have the boxcar children on our list too! We read the bfg earlier this year and the girls loved it... and my girls and i just heard that the bfg has been made into a movie, so we are super excited to see it when we are in kc! our list (my list ;) ) this summer is boxcar children, sarah plain and tall, and either the borrowers or witches (we are dahl obsessed). anyway, you are doing an awesome job, i love hearing that kids are learning to love books! xoxo