Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Learn About | Never giving up.

My Dad told me about the word perseverance.  It means that you never give up even if you want to quit trying.  Even if you're frustrated and can't do it right you need to keep going.

When things are not easy it feels like stopping is a good idea.  It makes me mad to keep trying when I can't get things right or when I'm tired. My brother Sullivan always tells me that "Murray's don't give up" because my Dad tells us that.  I didn't give up with reading and now I am good at it.

During soccer Sullivan felt like giving up every single game.  He only wanted to go to the snack bar and would stand in the middle of the field when he got tired of playing.  My Mom and Dad kept making him go to the games.

The last soccer game of the year was also the day of my Dad's race.  He told us that running is hard but he doesn't stop until he gets to the finish line.  He said it is a challenge.  He said he ran because he wanted to show us how to not stop when you want to stop.

So my mom took us to the finish line so we could see my Dad have perseverance.  He was tired and had a lot of sweat when he came across the line but we were proud of him and I think he was proud of himself too.  I think it helped Sullivan at his last soccer game.

Perseverance is still really hard to do even after I learned the word and saw Dad running across the finish line.  I still have to get reminded all the time that things are never easy the first time you try them.  I wish they were.

Here are pictures of my Dad running that my mom found on a website.

 Later that day Sullivan had his last soccer game and he played very good.
 He didn't give up once.

 He ran the entire time and didn't ask about snacks until after the game was over.
 I think he was proud of himself.
 I'm proud of myself for being good at soccer too.
- Max

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